If SimPE is not working for you now that you have the Ultimate Collection the fix is literally on the website. Download the ‘Upgrade Patch for Mansion and Garden’. :)

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i worked non stop for hours yesterday trying to finish the latest projects for you guys. i am in the final stages now. i really hope that you enjoy them.

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"And you can tell the bitch she’s fired."

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i need someone to help me test something in game, please message me

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Thank you guys for following, like, reblog and download my creations. This is my 2nd posebox for you. Find in Hobbies > Miscellaneous.Hope you like it! :D

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is there a plug-in in simPE that lets you change the guid of multiple files?

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i just saw a 4 to 2 conversion that’s a first

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when you use a tutorial what format do you prefer… in one pdf file or in images?

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ignore my last post i won’t be doing it because i don’t want to incite a riot and cause loads of creators to leave it was a nice thought though hahaha

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fck gimp and paint.net for thinking anyone actually needs .xcf and .pdn files

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