In school DYING

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this is awesome

this is awesome

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Small gift time! I made a small set of 3 septums from some random image I had on my computer(I want all of them in real life sobbb) and another small set of 4 AM shirts on a Trapping mesh. The only shirt not shown above is a ‘YES’ version of the middle one. And the septums are found under blushes and should be layerable with most things. Everything needed is included in the .rar along with swatches and of course everything is numbered accordingly.

Download: Septums | AM Tops


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School is where young creative minds go to die.

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Party Time! - Red Solo Cup Accessory

Posing: I recommend posing this with the Coffee Cup pose from Decorgal and Adele’s Prop Hack.

Credit for the extracted cup mesh goes to resurrection-failed from the Eclectic Minutiae set. Uniforms by Keoni. Models are Mabry and Damien from Bloom.


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Sometimes I think about how cringey my URL is but I wouldn’t have it any other way

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There have been a lot of good finds today

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Small update @FEMME FATALE ! Two crop tops, some denim and a college jacket - enjoy! <3 

Awesome I have missed their updates!

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boycotting sims 3

It was a decision I made because believe it or not I didn’t believe it gave me enough creative control over my sims. Even through the addition of sliders I just felt the revamped CAS and ability to move through the neighbourhood wasn’t good enough to leave sims 2 behind. HOWEVAR I am worried that all the time I have spent on sims 2 (7 years to be exact) would be wasted if I fall in love with the look and function of sims 4. ew pls no. It would definitely be nice to have the graphics and detail of sims 3 and the full control from sims 2 though.


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